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California Drought

Will California run out of water?

No. Governor Brown had issued a 20% voluntary cut in water use over a year ago, yet most of the state failed to participate in necessary water conservation. As California heads into its fourth year of severe drought, Governor Brown’s newly mandated 25% cut in water use will minimize water waste statewide and safeguard water for California’s future.

Can I still build a swimming pool?

Yes. Not only does “building and filling a new pool require less water than a lawn,” but building a swimming pool actually helps California conserve water. The California Pool & Spa Association state that a swimming pool owner’s water savings in the first year average 3,750 gallons, and every year following averages 18,000 gallons of water saved.

This chart, adapted from the California Pool & Spa Association, represents the amount of water an average swimming pool saves in five years. Measurements for such a swimming pool are as follows: 475 sq. ft. of swimming pool, 725 sq. ft. of decking, and 17,813 gallons of swimming pool fill capacity.

Coral Pool and Spa is doing their best to stay proactive during this drought. we have taken initiative by encouraging his clients to implement three other techniques that can prevent water waste: no overflow feature, no autofill feature, and extending the edge overhang.

Does my pool maintenance waste water?

No, You can use a pool cover to reduce evaporation almost 90%, and lower water levels help prevent swimming splash out. But according to the California Pool & Spa Association, “well-maintained pool uses roughly half the amount of water a lawn uses in the same period.”

This video from Good Day Sacramento showcases some great information on the true impacts of the swimming pool building industry on the drought in California. With the right education, our industry should help build California back up rather than tear it down.

For more information on the drought and how it’s impacting the pool and spa industry, visit California Pool & Spa Association’s Let’s Pool Together campaign; they are also partnered with the Save Our Water campaign. To learn more about the Drought feel free to browse our website, call (408) 294-7665, or Contact Us today for a free in-home consultation.

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