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Give Your Pool, Spa, or Outdoor Living Space a Whole New Look!

Do you ever look at your yard and say, “If I could do it all over, I would add this, move that, change this, open up that,…?” Or, have you considered moving to try and find the home with the “perfect” backyard? The ideal solution may be staying put and getting a backyard makeover! Moving can be very expensive, uprooting, stressful and time-consuming. A backyard remodel typically is less expensive than you might think. It allows you to stay in the place you have grown to love. It is commonly less time-consuming. It allows you to finally address all the things you have been wanting to move and change. The potentials with our yard may surprise you!

What can possibly be done with my existing backyard?

Lots! Remodels can be as simple as a re-plaster and re-tile for your pool. It can be adding a barbecue island. It can be adding a decorative overlay on your existing cracked decking. It can also be adding a spa to your existing pool, adding the waterfall you have always wanted, and an outdoor fireplace. We have even changed large swimming pools into small swim-spas to create the room needed for features never thought possible. The options are virtually endless!

How do I see what my options would look like?

Great Question! Invite one of our professional, friendly, and creative design consultants out to meet with you and to analyze your existing space, and your wish-list. Our team will transform this information into an easy to follow design that is well thought out. Along with the design comes a detailed proposal to help fit your project within the scope of your budget.

Great! How can I set up this meeting?

Easy! Simply fill out your information on our Contact Form and click submit and one of our talented design consultants will contact you to coordinate a meeting time that fits your schedule.


We Do Remodeling

Coral Pool and Spa​ has served the pool needs of the Bay Area for more than 20 years.  We’ve worked hard to build our reputation as the Bay Areas best pool builder and we’re not about to see that reputation tarnished.

Whether we are remodeling your pool or transforming your whole backyard, we put our reputation on the line. We keep our reputation strong by making sure you love everything about your Coral Pool and Spa makeover, every single time.

If you love the feel of a beach, you can remodel your pool by adding a Baja step. A wide and shallow Baja step is the perfect place to lounge in the cool water. Families with smaller children love this renovation idea it’s great for little paddlers to splash about.

You could also remodel your pool by adding boulders to create an oasis feel or to blend with the desert environment. Or maybe you’ve always dreamed of having the soothing sound of trickling water. Adding a water feature is an excellent way to remodel your pool.

Lights can change the look and feel of your pool as well and you can use it more after the sun has set. Coral Pool and Spa has many beautiful lighting ideas to help you in your pool makeover.

If your plaster is chipping and cracking, a wonderful way to renovate your pool can be by adding Puerto Rico blend glass pebble or some of the other new finishes available. You can try new colors and surfaces for a complete makeover of your pool.

You can also remodel your pool by adding new tile around the waterline or within the pool itself. There are so many options and colors available! Let the team at Coral Pool and Spa help you choose something absolutely stunning.

Would you like to change the look of your pool by renovating your decking or even raising portions of it? Coral Pool and Spa has plenty of remodeling materials including travertine, stone, brick, or man-made surfaces in a wide variety of colors and finishes.

Give yourself the gift of therapeutic hydrotherapy: Choose from a wide variety of concrete and acrylic spas that fit your needs.

Perhaps you would like to extend the use of your pool even into the chilly months. In that case, you should think about renovating your pool by adding a heater or a heat pump. Your pool is an investment, so why shouldn’t you be able to use it year round?

Lighting Options

LED pool lights are a really popular choice these days both for new pools and existing pools that need a little “freshening” up. These lights use much less energy and produce less heat which is a bonus in our hot climate. LED lights can be used in many different ways to produce an inviting glow in the pool.

Another gorgeous way to light your pool is with fiber optics. Both fiber optic lights and LED lights can be installed in different colors or you can even have an array of color changes for your pool. These lights can set any kind of mood you like – from romantic to festive to serene. It’s your choice depending upon the activity you have planned.

A basic incandescent or halogen light may be placed under water in the pool wall. This is a very common type of pool lighting and is a simple and effective way to allow swimmers to see in and around the pool at night. This is a great and economical way to extend the amount of time that you can use your pool. These lights require very little maintenance and give you thousands of hours of light before the bulbs need to be changed.

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