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Swimming Pool Services

Making the decision to get a backyard pool installed at your home in or around Silicon Valley, California, is exciting! Summers are hot in California, and you can get tired of making the trek to public pools. Wouldn’t you love to just come home from work and jump into your own backyard swimming pool? It’s not only great for both recreation and exercise, but also for entertaining. It’s built-in fun for your kids and their friends, and the perfect spot for parties all summer long.

Pool Design​

Our pool designers are here to translate your wishes for a backyard swimming pool into a concrete plan. They listen to your ideas, then they give you input and suggestions based on their years of experience designing pools. They come up with a picture of what your new pool is going to look like. This gives our customers a chance to ponder the inground pool design and make any changes or tweaks before construction starts.

Pool Construction​

Our building crew turns your swimming pool’s design into reality — right before your eyes! As swimming pool builders, we know construction is complex, because it involves not only building, but excavation, plumbing and electric installation as well. It’s a big job, and it needs to be done right. That’s why it’s important to work with a proven, experienced inground swimming pool installation contractor you trust. Coral Pool and Spa is a leading swimming pool company in northern California.

Pool Renovations

Pool renovations offer endless possibilities for transforming your outdoor oasis. From simple upgrades like re-plastering and re-tiling to more elaborate additions such as a spa, waterfall, or barbecue island, the options are diverse. You can turn a large pool into a small swim-spa, creating room for unique features you never thought possible. Enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your pool area with decorative overlays on cracked decking or add an outdoor fireplace for cozy evenings. With pool renovations, you can bring your vision to life, making your pool the ultimate retreat for relaxation and enjoyment.