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Swimming Pool Contractor Services in South Jordan, California

At Coral Pool and Spa, it’s our immense pride to provide clients in South Jordan and other parts of California with all their custom and luxury swimming pool needs. From simple pool maintenance to complex custom installations, we do it all. We take pride in our craftsmanship and make sure that your new pool or other additions are of the highest quality.

Our team is made up of expert installers and technicians who have been in the pool installation business for years. They know the ins and outs of swimming pool installation and maintenance, so you can rest assured that your new swimming pool is in good hands. We use only premium materials and strive to give you the best possible service. Contact us today to learn more or set up a free consultation with our team!

Pool Specialties

Our Pool Specialties

As a high-end swimming pool installer, we specialize in several areas. We can design and install custom pools for any budget or lifestyle. From infinity edge designs to simple backyard pools, we have the expertise to make any pool dream come true!

We also specialize in luxury pools and pool features, such as waterfalls, slides, diving boards, Jacuzzis and spas. We understand the importance of creating a unique pool design that will fit perfectly in your home or commercial space. So if you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind swimming oasis, then our team can help make it happen!

Initial Consultation and Design

We’re a full-service swimming pool installer, working with clients from start to finish on their pool needs. This begins with the initial consultation and design, where we’ll discuss your ideas, budget and overall vision. We’ll ask you about things like your desired size, shape and layout of the pool, as well as any other features you might have in mind.

We’ll then provide a detailed design that outlines our plan for achieving your dream swimming oasis. You have input on how we should go about this, and we’ll make sure to make any changes necessary to ensure that your pool is exactly what you want it to be.

Initial Consultation and Design
Construction and Installation

Full Construction and Installation Services

When your design is complete and you’ve signed off on its final details, it’s time to move to the next stage of the process. We assist with every possible element here, including:

  • Confirming your design: Just to be sure we’re on the right track, we’ll go through your design with you one last time to make sure it meets all of your needs.
  • Permits and other paperwork: We handle everything related to building permits, code compliance and any other necessary paperwork throughout the installation process.
  • Site preparation: We prepare the job site by excavating, leveling and taking care of any other necessary steps to get your pool ready for installation. This may also involve installing fencing, decks and other necessary amenities.
  • Installation: Our team will handle the actual installation of your swimming pool, making sure to adhere to all safety regulations and ensure that every part is properly installed.

As you can see, Coral Pool and Spa takes great pride in providing clients with comprehensive services for their custom pool needs. With years of experience and a passion for the craft, you can rest assured that your new swimming pool will be built to last. Contact us today to get started!

Only High-Quality Materials

As a top-notch swimming pool installer, we use only the highest-quality materials for your new installation. This means everything from durable and long-lasting pool liners to rust-resistant fittings and fixtures. We also offer a wide range of luxury features that you can choose from, including slides, diving boards and custom lighting options.

You should be able to rest easy knowing that your swimming pool is being built with the best possible materials available. We guarantee that all of our products are up to safety and industry standards so you can enjoy your new oasis for years to come.

High-Quality Materials

A Team Providing Constant Support

From the moment you contact us until your pool is up and running, you can expect our team to provide you with personalized support. We’re here to answer any questions throughout the process and ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible. This means checking in periodically to make sure we’re on track and addressing any issues that may arise during installation.

We understand how important your swimming pool is to you and we want to make sure that the entire process is as stress-free as possible. With our team by your side, you can count on us to get the job done right in a timely manner.

So to learn more about our swimming pool services for South Jordan or other California clients, contact our team at Coral Pool and Spa at your nearest convenience! We’re standing by to take your call.