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Custom Swimming Pools


We understand that cookie-cutter backyard pools may not suit everyone’s needs. That’s why we specialize in providing custom swimming pool design and construction services in Silicon Valley. Whether it’s minor adjustments or significant enhancements, we work closely with homeowners in the area to create their dream pool. Our expertise ensures a tailored and unique pool that perfectly complements the surroundings and exceeds expectations.


A standard, rectangle-shaped inground pool is the easiest and cheapest to design and build, and the process goes quickly. But not everyone wants this shape. A custom shape for your backyard pool is not just more interesting visually, but it can make the most of a plot of land with difficult features, such as large trees, slopes or other obstacles.

You may have seen pools in the shape of a guitar or piano on Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, but when we talk about pools with unusual shapes, we’re thinking more of freeform borders. Our designers can show you a selection of different pool shapes, or we can help you design your own, one-of-a-kind shape.


You may want to forego an ordinary concrete pool deck in favor of one made of flagstone, concrete pavers, porcelain pavers or another type of rock, but that isn’t all you can do with hardscaping for a custom pool.
We can build waterfalls, streams and unique formations out of rocks and boulders. We can also add stairs, benches, pathways, fountains, fireplaces, fire pits and more.

You can also opt to add a separate level for a hot tub, complete with air jets, LED lighting and wired-in audio so you can listen to your favorite music while you soak away your cares.

Sun Shelves

A sun shelf, also known as a ledge, is a flat area on the edge of your inground swimming pool where you can sit and stay cool in a few inches of water while you tan or sip a drink. A small shelf can fit one or two people, while a large sun shelf can accommodate several chairs.

These larger shelves are handy because the chairs are above water, so you can wade in and sit down fully clothed. This is perfect for when you have older guests who aren’t comfortable in swimsuits but still want to be part of the fun.

Features for Kids

Whether you want a baby pool, a slide, a diving board or a waterfall, we can design a custom pool that’s perfect for your children.

Many families around the Silicon Valley and surrounding areas make the decision to get an inground pool installed so they can have more fun outdoors with their children. Kids love swimming, and they love having their friends over to enjoy the pool as well.

If your kids are still little, we can build a separate shallow area where they can play safely. When they get bigger, you can use this area to lounge around in with your guests.

A slide keeps kids busy and active all day long. It’s easy to add into the design, and it’s easy to remove later when they outgrow it.

A rainfall feature is great for little kids to play in, and it’s soothing and relaxing to listen to the moving water. These features come with on/off switches as well, so if no one wants to play in or listen to the rain, simply switch it off.

Many pools are heated with gas, or gas lines are brought in to fuel fire features. These can be used to power a kitchen as well, complete with grill, stove and other appliances.

Dining al fresco has never been so luxurious!

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