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Luxury & High-End Swimming Pools

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Having a backyard swimming pool is a luxury in itself. You can swim whenever you want — even in the middle of the night. You don’t have to travel any farther than a few steps from your back door. You don’t have to pay an access fee and you don’t have to share with anyone you don’t want to. But beyond this, you can, in fact, make your backyard pool even more luxurious.

Vanishing Edge

Vanishing edge pools first became popular at high-end resorts. They’re perfect for properties with amazing views, such as the gorgeous California coast.

Also known as infinity pools, a vanishing edge pool is built so the water flows over one edge, making it seem as if the pool has no boundary on that side. It’s an amazing optical illusion and makes you feel like you’re swimming in your own little slice of paradise.


A swimming pool with different levels allows you the option of using your backyard pool in several different ways. The main pool can be constructed deep enough to swim in, while a smaller, auxiliary area can be made shallower for sitting on ledge loungers with friends or playing with the children.

You can also opt to add a separate level for a hot tub, complete with air jets, LED lighting and wired-in audio so you can listen to your favorite music while you soak away your cares.

Fire Features

There are so many options for adding the heat of a fireplace to the cool of a swimming pool. We can build gas-powered fire pits or troughs that are literally in the water, or we can construct stone fireplaces at the water’s edge. You can also opt to have a fireplace built on the pool deck under a pergola, gazebo, cabana or pavilion.

For a downsized approach to fire features, consider fire bowls at the pool’s edge or high-end tiki torches.

Kitchen & Bar

If you thought swim-up bars were just for resorts, you’re mistaken — you can have one in your own back yard! We can install permanent stools at the edge of your inground pool so your guests can sit and enjoy a meal or a beverage without ever having to get out of the pool!

Many pools are heated with gas, or gas lines are brought in to fuel fire features. These can be used to power a kitchen as well, complete with grill, stove and other appliances.

Dining al fresco has never been so luxurious!

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